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3/08/22 Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

The Lord spoke this message to me and then told me it was not only for me, but for everyone, especially those who are His children: “You must keep your eyes on Jesus. These are days of great darkness and only He is the light of the world. If you look at what is happening around you and focus on these events, you will be consumed in the darkness. You will be unable to see your way forward. Do not look to men or to governments to solve what they will not be able to solve. How can darkness cast out darkness? Do not be overwhelmed and surrender to fear, for faith and fear cannot walk together. Only faith in the light of the world can light the way in the darkness. He is the hope of all mankind. Keep your eyes on Jesus! This is why it is written: “And when you see these things come to pass, look up, for your redemption draws near.” Jesus is the only solution, the only hope for mankind. Without Him, they will destroy themselves. This I say to those who have ears to hear. Many will not listen, but I rejoice over the one who will. Surely, if you will keep your eyes on Jesus, He will light the way before you so that you will not stumble over the many obstacles that are before you in the darkness. His light will guide you, and give you peace. You will join with His light by reflecting it to others, so that they might find hope and come to the light as well. Darkness is not to be feared, my people, for you are children of the light. You have passed from darkness to light. Jesus is your light. He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He knows what will happen and He will lead you safely through this storm to eternal life, where there is no darkness ever more. You must trust Him with all your heart. You must love Him and cling to Him, not to the possesions this world offers. The true wealth is in Him. He is the pearl of great price. All that He is, all that He has, is yours in the kingdom of light, the kingdom of God. Why would you fret over the things you will lose in darkness? Let this world keep it's possesions, for they will all perish with them. Your inheritance in Jesus is much greater, and it is kept safely for you. No one can enter and steal it; it cannot be destroyed. Jesus is the door that opens to eternal life, to the inheritance set for you. Therefore, I tell you once again, keep your eyes on Him; He will light the way before you and lead you to eternal life. Trust in Him.”


8/31/2021 A Dream on God's Protection

I had this dream: I was in a place where I had been teaching children. It was the end of the day, so I dismissed them to go home. The school was on the outskirts of a town. I began to walk home, towards the town. Suddenly, the earth began to shake and break apart. There was fire coming up from underground. I saw these great fire balls flying through the air. It was frightening at first. I began to run towards the town. I was still on the outskirts in the field area. I was taking a short cut through a cemetery. I heard the voice of the Lord speaking in my heart, telling me to not be afraid and to follow his instructions. As I ran, suddenly he said, “Stop! Stand still!” I stopped right there. A fire ball flew past me and landed in front of me. Had I kept running, it would have hit me. Then I saw the ground cracking in front of me. The Lord told me to go forward but to the right. He directed my steps like as if I was going through a maze. I should have been scared, but instead, I had a deep inner peace, and I was humming a song of praise. When I reached town, I was anxious to reach my home to get to my family, but in the corner of a street, there was an old woman in shock, crying and cowering in a corner. The Lord told me to stop and help her. Even though I wanted to go on to reach my family, I obeyed the Lord and stopped to help the woman. She was hysterical, and I was able to calm her. I put my arm around her and asked her where she lived, and helped her get to her home. I told her not to be afraid, to call on Jesus and trust in him, and he would help her. I told her it was the Lord who told me to stop to help her because he loved her. Once I had brought her to her home safely, I continued on trying to reach my home, but when I passed in front of a store, the Lord told me to stop and go in. I wanted to keep going, but again, I fought the impulse to continue on and obeyed the Lord. I went inside. I saw a little child trembling and crying. Her mother was there screaming in panic. The shelves were fallen and things were on the floor. The mother kept screaming she couldn't find her phone. She needed to call her mother to make sure she was okay and would not leave until she knew her mother was alright. The child was so frightened. I heard a phone ring from under some rubble and picked it up. When I answered it, it was the woman's mother. I passed the phone to her and her mother told her daughter she was in a shelter. She was safe. I prayed with the little girl and hugged her. She asked me why I wasn't afraid. I told her that Jesus was with me and he was taking care of me. She wanted Jesus with her, as did her mother, so I prayed with them to receive the Lord. Then I helped them get to the shelter. I continued on but there were others in need along the way, some injured, all of them lost and afraid. The Lord told me to continue to help them. He reassured me that He was taking care of my family and He needed me to take care of these people for him. Even though there were still fireballs falling, and danger all around, I was not afraid. I knew the Lord was directing my every step. I knew I was on a mission and nothing would happen to me as long as I trusted his guidance and was obedient.

When I woke up, I meditated on the dream and the Word of God came to me about when Jesus was asleep in a boat and his disciples came to fearfully wake him. They said, “Lord, we perish”. Jesus arose and rebuked their lack of faith. How could they believe they would perish if he was in the boat? They had seen when those who wanted to harm him tried to take him, but he was not able to be taken by them because he said “It is not yet my time”. He was on a mission from the Father and nothing could happen unless he allowed it to be so. He was in complete control even until the end. When they arrested him, it was because He allowed it to be so. When they crucified him it was because He allowed it to be so. It was all part of his plan to save mankind. When he is in us, we must believe he has a mission and purpose for each of us. We have to follow his leading and stay on his plan. No matter what we might be seeing in front of our eyes, no matter the danger all around, God is in control. If we will follow his plan, nothing can hurt us. He will keep us in order to fulfill his will, his plan in our lives, and not only ours, but he promises he will take care of what is ours, if we will be obedient and take care of what is His.

8/15/2021  The Fear of the Lord

Today I had an experience while we were in the worship service. I could feel the presence of the Lord. Suddenly, I was standing on a beach looking out on a very calm sea. The sun had just gone down on the horizon and the sky was a golden orange. Far out to sea on the horizon was a small sailboat. As it got closer, I saw a figure, dressed in white, get out of the boat. and begin walking towards me on the water. The sea was smooth like glass and his footsteps on the surface left little ripples. As he got about 20-30 feet from me, he stretched out his hand and said "come with me". I was suddenly in the boat with Jesus. The boat began to rise in the air and circle the earth. The Lord said, "look what they do". It was a dark place and in the streets below, in the houses, there were rats scurrying about and insect creatures creeping on the ground. I saw someone caressing his own flesh, adoring himself. "They live in darkness with every kind of evil around them, and have become lovers of themselves." Then we were headed towards the sunrise to a distant land where from the dawning of the sun people were kneeling before statues, idols, worshiping and praying to them. Then I heard people cursing, using the name of the Lord in vain, mocking him in unbelief. The Lord then said: "Do you see what they do? There is no fear of God in them, only wickedness. They have made themselves their own gods. They take my name in vain, they mock me. There's no fear of God in them. I will arise and show them why they should fear me. Go and tell them this, and preach the message I have put in your heart." Then I was back on the shore again.


The message the Lord had put in my heart this week was from Exodus 3 where he told Moses to respond to the people what was the name of the God who was sending him : I am that I am. He is who he is, who he has always been and will always be. He changes not. Who are we to question him? We have only one choice, to accept who he is and honor him, yet this generation wants to argue with who they perceive him to be. Each has their own opinion, thinking themselves more knowledgeable than the other. They say, "I believe God is like this or like that". Everyone forming him into an image that fit their needs. They make him into their own image so they can live however they see fit and rationalize their sin as something else, something good or acceptable to God. Because you make it so in your own mind and heart does not mean it is so. One day we will stand before "I am" and have to explain why we did not accept him for who he was or take him at his word. How will you argue with the creator of the universe then or tell him he was wrong? Because you believed a lie, what was convenient for you, it will not change who he is. In a society that wants to be fully acceptable and treated as equal, how is it that we can not accept God for who he is? I am that I am. That is who he is, eternally the same. We must conform to him. He has the last word. He doesn't ask our advice or opinions. We were created to worship him. He is not there to serve us. The Bible says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. He holds the stars in his hand as well as our beating hearts....we should humble ourselves before him. We should show respect, give him honor, obey his authority, believe him at his word. He will show mankind who he is in this life or the next. In this life we find grace to repent, to change our ways before it us too late.

9/19/2020 Vision of a Giant Tidal Wave

While I was praying I received this vision: I saw a pier at sunset. There was an old man with very white hair sitting on a bench looking out to sea. I saw myself, but I was a child. The old man motioned to me to come and sit next to him. He pointed out to the horizon and said: “What do you see?” I told him I saw the sun going down. The sky was completely reddish. He replied: “Keep looking”. Suddenly, the sea rose up and completely covered the sun. I asked him why the sun had gone down so quickly. He replied again: “Keep looking”. I then saw it was a huge wave, over 100 feet tall which spread out in all directions on the horizon. I didn't feel afraid. I knew I was safe there with the old man. I asked him what caused the big wave. He showed me the earth as if from space, and this giant rock hurling down towards the earth. It hit the sea with great force and went all the way to the ocean floor, making a hard impact there. This is what caused the great wave. I could see like this giant ripple which spread out in all directions from where this rock hit. It traveled rapidly across the sea. I saw buoy's along coastlines begin to rock back and forth and they lit up. I heard sirens sound inland. The wave hit Japan, and all along the coast of Asia, as well as California, and all of the coastline of North and Central America. It seemed to not be as strong towards the southern hemisphere. Then the old man told me, had it hit land it would have caused a great explosion, but even so, it would bring great damage. He then said: “Look”. I saw the sea filled with dead, floating fish. A strange smell came from the water. The waters were toxic and life in them could not live. I asked the old man if and when this would happen, and he said: “Yes, and soon.”

8/31/2020  For the Glory of God
    As I was praying, interceding for the needs of many people, I prayed for the church. I asked for forgiveness and mercy for our selfishness and pride, our disobedience to serve the Lord with are whole heart as we should. I prayed we would learn to do all things for His Glory and Honor, not our own. As I said those words, the Lord spoke this:  “Oh, that My people would do so; oh, that hey would desire to please Me and honor Me with their whole hearts, even as you have spoken in prayer this day! Surely I would pour out a blessing upon them such as they have not seen before! The church would rise up in glory, in victory, in power, and the world would see Me in them. This is My desire, this is My will for them. Then would My Kingdom come and My will be done on earth even as it is in heaven.”
    Then the Lord said this: “I have spoke many things, yet the people do not listen. I will speak to My sons and daughters now, to those who do listen: prepare yourselves, for a time of strife approaches, a time of chaos and division. The enemy will try to rip the Kingdom from your hands and tear your world apart. Hold fast and let no man take your crown! Remember whose children you are! You have been given the keys to the Kingdom. Do not let them be taken from your hand! Use them to open doors! Use your authority and My seal, for you are My ambassadors, royal priests of the Most High. Decree a thing in My Name and it shall come to pass! Mind the words which proceed from your mouth! They will open or close doors to you. Speak My Word!  Speak in faith! Do not give place to fear or doubt. Stand strong in the Lord! Yours is the Kingdom, remember this!” Mat. 16:19; Rev. 3:11; 2 Cor. 5:20; 1 Pet. 2:9


7/26/2020 Three Waves of Attack

When I awoke I saw a sea that was dark and turbulent. The sky was filled with dark clouds, strong wind, and lightening. The waves grew bigger. I saw this giant wave headed towards land. It had a name written in it: “FEAR”. It was able to wash away many building on shore. Then a second, larger wave formed. This wave had “HATRED” written in it. It was able to wash away even bigger buildings. A third wave arose that was much bigger than the first two. It had “PRIDE” written on it. This wave was able to cover even the tallest buildings. These waves are crashing on humanity. Fear will paralyze faith; hatred will erode love, but pride will bring total destruction.


7/21/2020 A Message to America I saw the Niagara river. There was a wooden boat on the river with people in it, of all colors and languages. The boat had an American flag flying over it. The waters began to get very rough; the current was swifter. The people tried to fight the current by rowing in the opposite direction, but the current was way too strong, the waters way too rough, racing them towards the edge, where they would drop off and crash below. There was no hope, no escape. They finally bowed down and prayed. America, you are headed to the edge. The rise of immorality, anger, wickedness, and hate have caused you to turn away from God. You have trapped yourselves in troubled waters. You trust you can save yourselves, but only God's hand of mercy and intervention can save you. Bow you knees; turn your hearts; repent of your pride, your evil ways, your hatred, your anger, and your greed. Seek God for forgiveness. Only He has the power to spare you from the disaster that lies ahead.


7/11/2020 God's Favor

I had a dream in which people were asking me concerning the favor of God. They were saying for me to pray because I was one of God's favorites.I told them, “You are greatly mistaken. God does not pick favorites.”They insisted upon the fact that I have been so blessed and seen many miracles in my life, so obviously I was His favorite. My reply was: “You do not understand the favor of God. God does not choose to favor some and ignore others. He desires to give favor to all, which is evident by the scripture: 'For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him would not perish but have eternal life.' This is what unmerited favor is: He died for all our sins and none is worthy in himself, none is a favorite. But we must choose to accept His favor and walk with Him. Walking with Him brings choices which must be made daily, either to deny ourselves and walk in obedience to Him, or choose to sin and walk away. His favor is on those who walk with Him. Therefore, our choices determine if we walk in favor, in His blessing, or not.”


6/23/2020 Are You Listening?

Upon awakening, I received this word from the Lord: “People do not seek Me earnestly for themselves, so I send messengers to speak so they might know Me. But as they did long ago, so do they do now, they do not listen. Those who do listen, often do not believe what they hear. You do not seek Me to hear for yourself; you do not seek in My Word to see for yourself, and you do not believe if I send someone to speak to you. What else can I do? There are times I am silent in hope you will seek Me, for when I speak , you do not listen, but My silence does not provoke you to seek after Me. You doubt My messengers are speaking for Me. If you believed they were, would you not be listening? It is no wonder that so few write down what I am saying because they know so few will believe or listen. Where is your faith? Where is your reverence of Me? The God of the universe chooses to speak to you, and you cannot be bothered to listen? Is there any wonder then when you need Me to do something for you that I do not answer? Repent of your hardness of heart, your indifference and unbelief. Stop doing those things that please you and be still to listen to Me. There is much I desire to say to you, but you are too busy for Me. So I send you these messages, but you are too busy to read them or meditate upon them. You do not consider them important, you pass them by because you are too busy to take the time to read them, to read My Word, or talk to Me. You pray for things; pray to know Me! When your heart desires it, it will happen. You desire to be a good Christian, but a Christian is one who follows Christ. You do not follow; you want to lead. You want Me to come along on your journey, but I have called you to follow Me on My journey. You will not know what that journey is unless you listen. Many of you have not understood I require you first listen and then allow Me to spread the message through you to others. Much needs to be done, but the channels of communication, of blessing, are clogged up. I look for those who seek after My heart so I can flow freely through them. Are you a vessel I can freely flow through or are you a dam? Unclog yourself from the cares of this world. Clear the way for My revelation to come to you and flow through you. Remove the dam of unbelief; open your ears and listen! Many of those who listen have been sent to share My revelation to you, but you have frustrated them with your unbelief. Many have given up. They have grown silent. Your unbelief has contaminated them. Blessed are those who persevere even in the face of so few who will listen and believe. I tell you, there will come a time when the words I have spoken through you will become a treasure which people who are hungry will seek after. For that reason and for their sake, I continue to speak.”

6/11/2020 Vengeance is Mine

“Vengeance us Mine; I shall repay. Woe to those who decide to punish those they deem deserving of such punishment. Do you know all things? Have you seen all sides? Is your judgment unbiased? You see their flaw but not your own. You may not take action on the hatred in your heart, but they have. You were afraid, so you hid your hate, but I see it still. How is your hate different from theirs? Do you not see you are not so different than the one you hate? You can not rid yourself of hate by hiding it. Only by recognizing it and repenting of it, by giving it up to Me so I can remove it, can you be free. Be angry and sin not. There is a righteous anger which leads to change. It causes one to reflect, to recognize truth, to repent and change their ways. This is righteous anger. It produces righteous results. But anger born of hatred brings death and destruction. It gives birth to more injustice, more unrighteousness. Blessed are the peacemakers. They seek justice, truth, mercy, unity, forgiveness and hope. Their love binds together that which was broken. Be patient with each other and listen. You will find you are not so different. You are more alike than you know. Find unity and peace over the things which make you alike. Do you not both love your families and desire to provide for and protect them? Do you both not answer to the same God who created you in His image? Yes, you were created in My image. You were created beautiful in your diversity, in your talents and gifts. You were created to complement each other, not to be jealous and destroy each other. You see so little, yet you think you know so much. You must focus on the heart of man as I do, not on his outer appearance. Listen to his heart if you truly want to know the man. His story is hidden in his heart. Listen with open ears; listen with love. Find a way to love, to heal. This is what a peacemaker does. I bless those who are true peacemakers because they have My heart in the matter. They desire reconciliation not restitution. What is done is passed. Learn from the errors of the past, so you will not be inclined to repeat them. Today is a new day, a new beginning. Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning. Why? Because My mercy is new every morning. I am the God who forgives those who repent, and gives a second chance to him who wants to change his ways.”

6/09/2020 A New Thing

The Lord told me He is going to do a new thing. We will see it and rejoice. What He has promised, He will do. He will pour out of His Spirit upon all flesh. I could see, for an instance, people saying to Christians, 'what must I do to be saved?'

6\04\2020 Walk by Faith

Blessed is the one who walks by faith and not by sight. There are so few. Your faith is seen in your actions. Those who fear are not bold. They are always questioning, re-thinking, evaluated every decision. Few there are who step out boldly in faith. In order to have such faith you must know Me. If you truly know Me, you know you have nothing to fear. I am bigger then any action or lack of action you take. I know what you will do before you do. Those who trust in Me and follow My leading, I direct their path. I lead them on a sure path. Nothing is beyond My control, NOTHING! I see what lies ahead. I have a plan for every contingency. I am never caught unaware. The problem is you do not believe this. You equate Me on the same level as yourself. You forget My power, My ability. Do you think I leave the fate of My Kingdom, or My servants to chance? Nothing is farther from the truth. I am Lord of all! Everything, to the smallest detail, is all with plan and purpose, My plan, My purpose. What of free will then? Yes, you are always free to choose, but I know what you will choose because I have seen it all before. I am the beginning and the end. I see all. I knew the end before it even began. You make Me small like you when you limit Me. It is because you do not truly know Me as I am. Trust Me completely! You do not have to know ahead of time the outcome or the plan as long as you know I do. I will take care of you.

5/26/2020 Have We Learned Anything?

As I was talking to the Lord early this morning, He asked me a question. Did I think that people have learned anything from this time of trial, the quarantine due to the virus. I thought for a moment. I hope they have. Do I think it has changed people? I really couldn't answer. Knowing that a test has to be repeated if you don't pass. Do you think people have changed or have learned anything from all of this?

5/8/2020 Time to Examine Ourselves

The Time has come for many to examine themselves, to change their priorities and the direction they are going. Many of you believe you are doing My will when you are really doing your will in My Name. There is a shaking going on in the midst of this trial. Did I not say that everything would be shaken and only what is built upon the Rock would stand? What is built upon the Rock is what glorifies Me. It is what lifts up Jesus. He will be glorified as He draws all men unto Himself. This is My priority, but what is yours? My works benefit the Kingdom. Those who are doing My work are not looking for what benefits them. This is why I say, your ways are not my ways; your priorities are not My priorities. Do not misunderstand Me. This does not mean that I will not bless you, on the contrary, your blessing will be overflowing as you seek to do My will and not your own. But you must seek to do My will, not seek after the blessing you will receive. If you seek to be praised by men, that is not My will. My will is not to lift you up, but to lift up Christ who is in you. Let go of your pride, your ambition, and your lust. If you do not do so, you are building a kingdom for yourself, but you are not building My Kingdom. There is only one King, one Lord. He does not share His glory with men. He does allow you to share in His glory, but does not give you glory of your own. Is this confusing to you? Read My Word. It will tell you these same things, yet you fail to understand them because it is not what you want or how you want things to be. Oh, when will you stop being self centered and become Christ centered? This time of fire is meant to purify you, to remove the pride, the ego which you hold on to. It is meant to crucify your flesh so that you will live for Christ and not for your self. It is a good thing, even though you might think it is not. All things are done with purpose, so that you might grow into the image of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. If you resist, if you refuse to let all this change you, mold you, you will suffer great loss. But f you are wise, if you humble yourself and seek My will and not your own, then you shall see My grace and glory poured out through you. Stop asking, “what shall I do?” and begin to ask, “what do you want me to do, Lord?” Be willing to surrender, to say yes to whatever I ask of you. You may not understand My reasons, but by faith, follow Me, without question. It is what I required My disciples to do and it is what I require of you to do.”

4/19/2020 A Dream of The Wilderness Times

I had this dream in which the Lord was speaking to me about the current situation and times. I do not remember all of the dream, but I do remember a certain part of the conversation. This is the part I remember: The Lord is leading His people to a new thing. We are in a wilderness time. As the people of Israel were led out of Egypt, so God's people are being led out of this world. But just as the Israelites were tried in the wilderness, so we are being tried. Many could not enter in because they would not let go of their old ways. Some rebelled, others complained. Because of this, they wandered 40 years in the wilderness and all of the 'older generation' perished but for two. The two who had faith, Joshua and Caleb. It was those who were of the 'new generation' that entered the promise led by Joshua. Their wilderness of trial was 40 years, but I clearly heard the Lord say '40 weeks' when referring to our trial now. The 'old generation' are the ones who cling to this world, who are content with religion and tradition, and do not want to change. The 'new generation' are those who are people of faith, of relationship and not religion. They are led by the Spirit of God not by the traditions of man. Is our wilderness experience for 40 weeks? When did the 40 weeks begin, at the beginning of this year? I do not know, but how we respond to the Lord in these days will determine if we will go into the promises of God or perish in the way.

4/16/2020 In Trying Times

“Take heart, My people, and pray. Though you feel stressed on all sides, do not give in to anger and frustration. Be patient. Now is the time to praise and to pray. This is a battle which can not be won in the flesh or with logic or reason, it is won in the spirit by faith. Again I say to you, take heart and encourage one another. This will last but a little while, though when you are in the middle of the trial it seems to have no end, an end will come. Your faith is being sorely tried. These fires purify but they are not easy. Learn to lean on Me. Cast your care upon Me. You will find the burden will ease as you praise and worship. Your faith will be strengthen to continue on. Trust My Spirit to guide you, to lead you when you no longer know how to pray. I have given you My Spirit to walk with you, to comfort you, and to lead you in the way you should go. Trust His leading. Learn to rest in Him. You may not know why or what I am doing, but trust Me, I am in control, regardless of what you see around you, or what you feel, I am in control of everything . I have a purpose for all that I do, and it is for your good in the end. Believe Me.”

4/4/2020 My Anointed Ones

“I anoint those who are chosen, who have fully surrendered to do My will. These are the ones I choose to be My servants. If you love Me above all else and are willing to serve Me, to do My will, you shall be a chosen vessel. I will sanctify My vessels and put them to use in My Kingdom. They are holy, consecrated, set apart for Me and My service. I will not allow them to be destroyed by the enemy. They are holy; they are Mine. They were redeemed by the blood of the lamb and are now My vessels, My witnesses. My promise is with them. There is blessing for those who serve Me. There is protection for those who are covered in the blood. Oh, that all would love Me and desire to serve Me, and not themselves. Surely, My blessing would be with them, My covering to protect them, if only their hearts were pure. You who love Me and obey My commandments, you are My vessels. I have purified you in the fire and have called you Mine. Not all who claim My Name have truly been purified. There are those who are trusting in My Name, while as of yet their hearts are not sincere. They have not put everything aside to serve Me. I am not their first love as they claim I am. Do you think I do not know the difference? I know your heart. I know if your words match your heart. You can not fool Me. Stop trying to fool yourselves. Humble yourself and seek after truth. If you truly surrender the throne of your heart to Me, then you shall be a chose vessel as well. The greatest commandment is to love Me with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. Just believing in Me is not enough. If you love Me, you will obey My commandments. If you love Me, you will love others; you will serve Me fully. These are My chosen vessels. If you seek My blessing, seek to be one of My chosen vessels. They are indeed blessed.”

3/29/2020 I Am with You

As we were in prayer this morning the Lord spoke this: “In all of this, do not forget, I AM WITH YOU through it all! Not for one moment have I forsaken you; not for one moment have you been alone. I AM WITH YOU. I have hidden you in the shadow of My hand, and covered you there. I will safely lead you to the other side. Fear not, for I am with you, says the Lord. Trust Me and all will be well.”

3/24/2020 My Return Draws Near

I am coming. Be prepared. My return draws near. It is a time to rejoice for those who eagerly await Me. It is a time of great dread for those who do not. Still, there is time for you to reconsider. There is time to turn to Me, howbeit, just a little time. This is why I have allowed what I have allowed, to get your attention, oh man. Turn to Me and live! You have so little time to decide and eternal destiny depends upon it. There is no other way to reach you. I have tried, but you refuse to listen. My ways have become more drastic because of your stubbornness. Do not make matters worse! Listen! Turn to Me, and I will save you! This is not a game nor an act of vengeful God. Why can you not not see it is the act of a loving Father? I am forcing you to look up so that I can save you. In distress you call on Me, In times of calm, you go back to your ways and ignore Me. Do you not see? I am the solution to all this, the only solution. Turn to Me and live! You are safe in My hand. Choose to take My hand and all will be well. Do not reject the life line I am sending you or else you will drown. Peace to those who understand and are wise, to those who choose to take My hand and walk with Me.”

3/20/2020 I Bless My People

“Even in the midst of trials, I am a blessing to those who trust in Me. I bless My people in ways they cannot see, in small things, as well as in the things which can be seen. I reward the righteous for their faithfulness. Wait in faith, and you will see it. You will receive blessing from My hand. My will is good will towards man. So I proclaimed it when I sent My Son, and for His sake, I have continued My good will towards man. Not all blessings are easily seen. Fire burns, but it also purifies. My hidden blessings are evident in time. Be patient! For this reason I said, I am working all things out for good to them that love Me and are called according to My purpose. My purpose is for you to know Me, to know My goodness and be blessed. Even though you do not always understand, lift up your voice and praise Me. Sing aloud with joy, for your praise is a demonstration of your faith, your full confidence in Me, for this reason it is delightful to Me.”

3/19/2020 I Am Always There

“Do you trust Me? If you are anxious and fearful, then the answer is no. But if you have peace inside your heart, then the answer is yes. Do not say the right words before others if the truth is you are fearful. Be honest with yourself. If you are fearful, acknowledge it before Me and repent. Why are you fearful? Do you believe I will not honor My Word? Do you believe I am unfaithful, or worse yet, a liar? Why do you question My truthfulness, My faithfulness? If you truly know Me, you know I am truth, I am faithful forever. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My Word shall never pass away. If you are fearful because you do not truly know Me, there is a solution, draw near and get to know Me better. If you believe My Word is true for others but not necessarily for you because you believe you are unworthy, not special, therefore you are not loved as much as others, YOU ARE WRONG! The same price I paid for them is what I paid for you, not less, not more. I do not love you less, YOU love you less. You have failed to believe what I have said about you. You can not earn My love, no one earns it. It is freely given, it is because I choose to love you. Can I not choose to love you regardless of your unworthiness? None are worthy, but still My love is so great that I sent My Son to die for each one of you. If I love you so, tell Me, what is there to fear? Oh, you do not truly know Me! I am love; I am truth, and I am faithful!

I have told you if you will love Me with all your heart and obey My Word, I will bless you and keep you from destruction. But if you forsake Me and run to sin, if you love others more than Me and turn to their evil ways, you will bring a curse upon yourself. It is for you to choose. If you have been deceived and have departed, still there is a solution: REPENT! Turn from your ways and return to Me! Surely I will forgive you and restore your blessing to you, only do not depart again! Take this seriously, for I am not one to play games with. Do not say, I am weak, in order to excuse your actions. The truth is you choose to depart because there is something you want more, and it is yourself. You want your ways more than My ways. Do you see why I say repent? If you will recognize the truth and seek Me, and make the effort to know Me, to study My Word, and walk in My ways, surely, I will strengthen you to do so. You must decide. You must choose to draw near to Me. I am already near to you. It is not I who walk away, but you. What must I do to let you know you need Me? See what your rebellion brings? Curse upon curse, trial upon trial. Oh that you would take refuge in Me and not depart. I take no joy in your suffering. It does not have to be so. Walk with Me. Let Me walk in you. We can be one so easily. You must want this too. You must be willing and surrender your will to My will. You must desire fellowship with Me. You must make time and seek Me. I will always be found when you seek Me with all your heart, says the Lord.”

3/12/2020 Immune by the Blood of Jesus

So, the Lord told me not to be concerned about the coronavirus, I'm immune. So I asked, did I have it before? His reply, His blood is immune to the coronavirus and since I am in Him, covered by His blood, I'm immune! I believe it! Jesus said in the Bible, "Be it done according to your Faith". Now if you think you are at risk and are fearful, well I guess that's where your Faith is at, but if you believe the blood of Jesus is immune, and you have prayed and covered yourself with His blood, then you have immunity too by faith. Now this does not mean to tempt the Lord by being reckless, not washing your hands or going deliberately around people who are sick...we are told to take care of this temple God has given us, eat well, rest, use clean hygiene, and then just rest in faith, you've done your part, and He, most definitely, will do His part! Believe!

3/11/2020 The Time of Testing Has Arrived

“Many have said they believe, but we shall see, now that the time of testing has arrived. Those who remain faithful will be saved. Now is the time to persevere in faith. You will be tempted to waiver from your faith by all that you see and hear, but I say, fear not! See it through; hold fast, though the wind and waves buffet you. Do not be moved!

Trust in whom you have believed. I am faithful to perform My Word until the end. Be prepared to endure by faith; though you want a speedy answer, be prepared to stand firm. Be patient, and wait on the Lord. The victory goes to him who stands until the end and does not let go of his hope, his faith. I will give you wisdom and guidance, fear not. You will learn to depend upon Me to a greater degree than you have before. Remember, at all times, I am the God of the impossible. Do not be moved when they ridicule your faith. My ways are not their ways. What seems foolish, impossible to them, is possible to Me. Never lose sight of who you are believing in. Do not put your eyes elsewhere, or you will fall. Man and his devices will fail, but I am the God who never fails, who never forsakes you. Blessed is the child who trusts his Father. Ride the storm to the other side. The sun will come out; the wind will be still, and all will be well again, for those who trust in Me.”

3/5/2020 Do Not Strive with Your Brother
“Why do you strive with your brother? Why do you become jealous and resentful? Have you not read the parable of the prodigal son? I rejoice when any of My children repent and return to Me. This should be your desire as well. I did not call you to be a house divided, separated one from another. If your brother has wronged you, forgive him and leave the matter with Me. I am just. I will make all things right. To him who refuses to bow to My ways but continues on in his pride and rebellion, there will be consequences. I correct My children. Do not let ill will take hold of your heart. Do not pay evil for evil. Those who deal rightly and forgive freely, will inherit a blessing, My blessing will be upon them. Those who will not yield will be chastised and humbled. Time is the proof. All things work together for good to those who love Me and obey, for they trust in My goodness, My justice, by faith. Where is your peace? If it is lacking, search yourself, for unforgiveness will rob you of peace. True faith is trusting Me completely, enough to let go and allow Me to handle it all. Righteousness is seen in those who act rightly. It is not in how you dress, or how often you go to church or give your tithe. It is seen in the acts of submission and obedience to Me, to walk by faith, trusting Me in all situations.
Where can you go that I am not there? What can you do without Me seeing it? What thought can you have that is hidden from Me? I am not the one you are fooling. You fool yourself and others when you ignore the truth, but you do not fool Me. If you set up your own laws, your own standards, then you have made yourself Lord. Be careful, for the laws you set as lord also apply to you. I am bound to My Word, to perform every detail written within, as you are to your word. It is far better then, that you surrender to My Lordship, submit to My laws and allow Me to be the Lord of all. Blessed are you if you do so. Why will you strive with your brother? Because you have not surrendered to My Lordship fully. You are still seeking your rights, your good, your way. Has he sinned against you? Yes, but you have also sinned against others. You are not without sin, so you cannot cast the first stone. You will humble your brother and be blessed in My sight if you choose to forgive him and love him. Honey is sweeter than bitter herbs.”

2/26/2020 He Is Our Covering

While in prayer about the spread of the Coronavirus in the world, and about the fear I see in many, the Lord spoke this to me: “You are the house of God. You are My temple, where My Holy Spirit abides; I dwell in you. My Kingdom is in you! When will you believe? Why are you fearful of what will happen to you, when I am in you? I am your covering from evil, from sickness, from plagues. I am your refuge from judgment, from disasters and calamities. Nothing is too hard for Me! I will protect you! This is why I said fear not, though a thousand fall on one side and ten thousand on the other. You will see it, but it will not come near where you dwell, where We dwell together. If you do not believe this, then your fear, your unbelief, leaves a door open to the enemy. Stay in Me, by faith; do not walk out in fear. Surely if I abide in you and you abide in Me, there is nothing to fear. Do you not understand this is the meaning of the blood of the lamb spread over the doorway? The children of Israel were told to abide inside, under the blood, while the death angel passed over. They were safe abiding inside under the blood, and so are you. But the house they lived inside of was a house of brick, but you are My house. You are covered in My blood, washed clean, and filled with My Spirit. You need not hide inside a building, for you are My temple. Where you go, I go. My blood covers you, therefore I say to you again, fear not! No plague, or pestilence, or an arrow which flies by day, or the evil which lurks to come out in the darkness can harm you. Greater is He which is in you than he that is in the world.

I said: 'Be it done according to your faith'; where is your faith? If you do not believe that I am in you and you are in Me, safe from all harm, your unbelief becomes dangerous to you. You have stepped out from under the blood because of your unbelief. If you believe My words, My promises, all things are possible for you. And what if for a moment of weakness, you doubt and fear enters in? Still, My mercy is there. Repent of your unbelief and claim the promise I gave you, that by My stripes you were healed. See, I have made provision for you, even in your weakness, therefore, fear not!”

2/21/2020 Getting Over Yourself

I have spoken with several people lately that are battling depression. Last night I had a dream in which I was surrounded by people who were sad, grieving, tormented. In the dream, I kept telling them to focus on Jesus, speaking to them of His love for us, His mercy and grace. I encouraged them to think on Jesus, not on their problems, but it was as if they didn't understand, they didn't want to let go of their sadness. I noticed the more I kept telling them how wonderful the love of Jesus is, the more upset they got with me for not understanding them. They began to attack me verbally, then finally they decided to ignore me and walk away when they realized their words could not break my focus on Jesus. They wanted to bring me down into their misery, rather than let go and enter into joy of the Lord I was experiencing.

When I awoke, the Lord ministered this to me: “There are those who do not want to let go of what is holding them back. They live in a world of memories, regrets, of if only they had done something different. They cannot let go of these thoughts in their head even though it brings them sadness or anger, even though it torments them. It is about them, what they did wrong, or what others did wrong to them. It is about someone not loving them, or someone leaving them. I is all about them. They are trapped in a world of self. You have to be willing to let go of self in order to be free. The only way you can let go is by giving it up to Me. If you want to change truly, you have to get your mind off of your problem and focus on the solution. You can keep being you, or you can look to Me and begin to imitate Me, allowing Me to mold you and change you from within. You cannot fix you; I am the only one that can fix you. I do so by transforming you into being more like Me. I do it through My Word, by My Spirit, but you must stop looking at you and look to Me. Get out of your head and get into Mine. When thoughts torment you, stop them! Open My Word and get into My thoughts; put on My mind. When sorrow overwhelms you, put on the garments of praise. Worship, sing songs of praise, and the spirit of heaviness will leave you. I have provided you a way to escape from you, by inviting you to hide in Me. You can talk to Me, but do not just focus on yourself, giving Me your complaints, but never letting go. You are supposed to bring your burdens and GIVE them to Me. Lay them down at My feet and embrace Me. Leave them there with Me. Do not pick them up again. What good does it do to speak of your burdens to Me if you are not willing to let go and give them to Me? If you are not going to let go, how can you move on? If you hold on, you are just complaining to Me without wanting to be set free. Understand what I am telling you. You must decide if you want to continue to live in a world which is all about you, or let go and enter a world which is all about Me. Who will be the Lord of your world? What will your focus be? You must choose. If you choose to follow Me, you will have to let go of you completely, but in doing so, you will find freedom, peace, joy, and a love like you have never known.”

2/14/2020 The Harvest Time

“Man runs to hide; they scurry in panic for the things which are occurring. Those the fire did not consume, the earthquakes did not destroy, the seas in their furry did not drown, disease now pursues. Those who escape cannot escape the fear which grips their hearts. They survive only to have their hearts fail for fear of what is yet to come. Oh, why will they not look up and call out to Me? You ask why does this happen, why do I not stop it? Tell Me, when the harvest time comes, can you stop time? Can you hold fast to the season? The fruit will spoil on the vine if you do not harvest it when the time has come. You cannot delay it, for it is the time of harvest. Do you not understand? The signs are there, you can see them, but you do not recognize them. You cannot wish the time away; you cannot pretend all is well, all will continue on as it has. The fruit is ripe, the season has come. Hurry, it is time to gather the harvest. Those who are not reached will perish in the same way a fruit not picked rots on the vine.


But why do you fear, My children? What is there to fear? My peace I give to you, not as the world gives, give I unto you. You are My workers; GET TO WORK! Quickly, it is harvest time! The winds grow colder, the days grow shorter. Oh, little precious time to finish such a great work! Do you think it is the end of all? No, it is the end of this field, the end of this season. The fruit goes to My storehouse and the workers come home to rest, to rejoice, to celebrate. It is the time to enjoy the fruit of your labors. A new thing will come when the old is done away with. For you who have eternal life in Me, the greatest things are yet to come; they come when the harvest is over. Yes, there is much work to do. Yes, it will require all your strength, but do not be fearful; do not be lazy. I will give you the strength to endure until the end. Do not run in fear. Do not lose your faith. Keep your eyes on Me. Trust Me; trust I will keep you. Do not be fearful, do not hide; get to work before the sun goes down. Love mankind more than your own lives. Reach out to them and rescue them while there is time. Pick the fruit! Do not pass them by in silence, hoping someone else will reach them. Where you are, that is your field! Work in your field! Keep in mind the great reward that comes. Remember where you are going, and do not focus on what was or what is, focus on what will be. My Kingdom will come and My will shall be done. It is glorious what awaits those who believe. Do not grow weary. See it through to the birth. Surely, as a woman who forgets her pain for the joy that her child has arrived, so you will rejoice to see My glory and not remember the times of suffering and work. Believe Me, trust Me, and rejoice!”

2/13/2020 I Choose to Love You

So many people say to God that they do not deserve His love or His goodness. While we are not worthy and never will be, to continue to remind Him of this grieves Him. Here is what He spoke to me today: “I know you are not worthy, but I did not choose you by merit. I chose to love you; it was MY choice. You did nothing to earn it or deserve it. If it were so, then My love can be bought, and in can never be bought. There are no conditions, no worthiness involved. It does not depend on you. I chose to love you; it is as simple as that. Do not try to find a reason why. Do not demean it by trying to justify it as something about you, as if some how you earned it. It is simply because I fell in love with you, for who you are, as you are. I could see your potential, what you could become, what WE could become together. Accept My love as unconditionally as I give it. Be Mine by choice; love Me by choice, even as I have loved you by choice. Do this with others; choose to love, regardless of circumstances, regardless of merit; love freely, as I have freely loved you.”

2/11/2020 Forgive Yourself

“Do not let your mistakes define who you are. You are not who you think you are; you are who I say you are. I have forgiven your failures. Why do you hold on to them? Forgive yourself, even as I have forgiven you. The tests which you fail bring many positive lessons: patience, wisdom, experience, character, humility. See how they have worked good in you? Focus on this then, that your past has been an instrument of instruction, forming you not only into who you are, but who you will become. If you went through life with only success, your pride would destroy you in the end. I allow circumstances to come to teach you, to humble you and mold you. My purpose is for your good, to mold you into the image of My Son. Look at the many things He suffered, yet He chose to obey Me through it all. He chose My will, as should you. Because of His sufferings, He is acquainted with pain and grief. He understands heartache and rejection. He knows temptation. He knows you! He has walked in your shoes. He will walk with you, guiding you, comforting you, teaching you, by the the power of the Holy Spirit. Do not resist. Do not hold on to your shame, refusing to forgive or let go. How can I move you forward if you are hanging on to the past like a boat which is anchored in the sea? It is time to take up the anchor, root up the bitterness, and set sail in My Spirit to new horizons. Greater things await you if you will let go of what holds you back.”

2/07/2020 Do Not Be A Hypocrite

“Do you think I do not know what is in your heart? Do not pray one way when your heart is another way. Recognize your heart is wrong and repent. Ask Me to change you! There are times you say things, do things, out of obligation, but not because it comes from the heart. Doing what is right is always good, but if your heart is not in it recognize the truth and repent. To say you pray for someone when you are truly praying against that person is a dishonest deception meant to mislead, but I see the truth. To pray for someone is to intercede on their behalf, to pray for their good, to seek My will to be done in their lives. Prayer is not for you to vent your opinion, to judge others, or pass sentence upon them expecting Me to carry it out, and do as you say. Prayer is not manipulative, not controlling or demanding. This type of prayer is evil, for you are trying to control Me. Leave judgment to Me! Seek after good, after truth, what will build up and not tear down. In prayer, forgive one another, bring that person to Me and leave them in My hands. I will do what is just, what is right. Do not be hypocrites. Do not pray one way publicly in order to be heard and impress others, and pray differently in private. Do not use prayer to cover up and hide your true motives. I see right through you; you cannot fool Me! You are to pray for your enemies, but you cannot pray good words to be heard by others and wish them evil at the same time. Be sincere, be honest with yourself and others. If you have animosity in your heart towards another, do not try to deceive yourself or others. Confess it as sin before Me and seek Me to change you before you ask Me to change them.”

Then the Lord told me that people often pray what they know to be right while holding on to what is wrong in their heart rather than asking Him to change their heart. They do not want to let go of it, yet they know to pray what is right, they just don't DO what is right. This is unforgiveness. These prayers are not received. First we must repent, forgive and make things right with our brother, if we expect our prayers to acceptable in His sight.

2/04/2020 Warnings

I suddenly had this vision of a mountain, a volcano, which was active. The sky was dark, but I could see the top of the mountain and on the right side a flow of mud came running down. I saw houses below in the distance. Be wise and flee this place.

I then saw a group of people sitting at a poker table. I could only see their hands. The Lord said: “The politicians of this nation are acting as if they are at a high stakes poker game, each trying to bluff the other rather than to go on their knees and seek Me for My will to be done. This is what the people must do: they must seek Me on their knees, for their leaders do not.”

After that, the Lord said: “I will show mercy to those who show mercy and will punish those who are cruel and merciless. Those who have no compassion and without mercy rip the bodies of the unborn from the womb will not see mercy upon themselves or their children, unless they repent.”

2/03/2020 Pray for My Will to be Done

“There is a difference between asking Me to do something and telling Me to do it. You make the mistake of deciding what My will is, rather than asking Me to DO My will. My Son taught you to pray: Thy kingdom come, they will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. This is how you SHOULD pray. Yes, My Word tells you My will is good, but you can not always see clearly the good behind what I do. Many of you fall into praying what you THINK is My will, when in actuality, you have no idea you are asking for something against My will. Then you become frustrated and believe I do not answer prayer. Again, My Son showed you how to pray: Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me, nevertheless, YOUR will and not mine be done. Do you see? He made the request He desired, but put My will as a priority over his own. This was written for your benefit, so you would know how to pray for My will. Since you do not have all the facts, neither know the future, do not presume you know My will or understand what I am doing. This is where trust comes in, where faith resides, in that you trust Me to do what is best for all involved, and so you willing yield to My will over yours. Only the prideful demand their own way. You may ask, you may bring your petitions and lay them before Me, but know this, I will always do My will. Pray that you will be led by My Spirit to surrender and to follow My will. Be thankful and praise Me, for so shall it be: My kingdom will come and My will will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”